School Dinners

Welcome to our School Dinners Page!

Our lunches are produced by Chartwells and as staff and students will testify, they are really good!

Below you will find copies of our menu, prices and a frequently asked questions section

Summer Term Menus 2019 (from 23.04.2019):

Summer Term Menu – Week 1

Summer Term Menu – Week 2

Summer Term Menu – Week 3

Frequently Asked Questions about School Dinners:

  • My child has forgotten their dinner money/hasn’t got money on their account. Will they still get something to eat?
    1. Yes, pupils will get something to eat. However they must pay their debt as soon as possible.
  • Can pupils bring in snacks to school to eat before lunch (at break time)?
    1. Yes, but we would like pupils to try and bring in healthy snacks, preferably without wrapping e.g. piece of fruit
  • When my child is on last sitting, he says there is nothing left to eat. Is this the case?
    1. No, this is not the case. Popular items such as pizza and panini go quickly but quantities are more limited as they don’t represent the healthiest option available and because the meal deal represents the best value for money and the healthiest option more quantities are made of this so this does not run out. Children who want to eat pizza and panini will be more likely to get these choices if they are on first and second sitting. Pupils dinner sittings are rotated every week.
  • It seems there’s not a great deal of time for pupils to eat dinner in the dining room. Why is this?
    1. Our dining room isn’t very large and we have to get over 500 pupils through in one hour and operate a system of dinner sittings to accommodate this.
  • Some snacks that are sold in the dining room seem unhealthy e.g. doughnuts and fizzy drinks?
    1. Doughnuts are oven baked bread ones, not the traditional type and some drinks which are fizzy are carbonated spring water. Water is always available in the dining room at no cost.
  • I’ve encouraged my child to choose the meal deal but they haven’t liked it and they’ve wasted their money. How can I encourage my child to be adventurous without throwing money away?
    1. Our school catering manager always puts taster pots out of the meal deal so you can try before you buy!
  • What happens if you don’t want the pudding in the meal deal? Are you still charged for the full meal?If your child does not take the full meal deal they will be charged for each of the components separately and is likely to end up paying more than the price of the meal deal.
    1. Fruit is also available as an alternative to the pudding.
    2. My child just wanted to purchase a drink and a biscuit because they said they were not hungry but why were they not allowed to do this?
    3. We want to ensure all pupils eat lunch so no, we do not allow pupils to go into the dining room merely for a drink and a biscuit. Of course pupils can supplement their school dinner or their packed lunch with those extra items but we stipulate they must have a lunch in order to do this.
  • I would like to check what my child has eaten at lunchtime. How do I do this?
    1. If you have an on-line account with Parent Pay, you can see what your child has eaten. If you are not on line, you can always ask school as we will be able to get a print out from the till.
  • I have been on my Parent Pay account to see that my child has spent a fortune this week! I can’t afford it! How do I stop this?
    1. Please inform school (via your child’s form tutor) as we can set up a block on the till which means your child will not be able to overspend the amount you specify each day.
  • I was unaware that the money I had put on my child’s dinner account had run out. What can I do to ensure my child is not in debt?
    1. On Parent Pay it is useful to set up an alert text message system to inform you when your child’s credit for lunches has fallen below £5. This information can be accessed on the school website.
  • At first school, parents were invited in to have lunch with their child. Does this happen at middle school?
    1. Yes, there is an opportunity for new parents in Year 5 to have lunch with their child in the first term. We also offer this opportunity to parents in Year 6.
  • I would like to see the menus for school dinners. How do I do this?
    1. This information is available on the school website and outside the school dining room so pupils can always check what is available on each day. The meal deal (main meal) runs on a three week cycle covering a choice of meat dish or vegetarian. There is always a roast on a Wednesday and fish and chips on a Friday. This is accompanied by a choice of sweet and water.
  • My child has some food allergies. Who do I inform?
  1. Please inform your child’s form tutor as this may also have an implication for when your child participates in Food Technology lessons. This information will be given to our school catering manager as well as staff teaching Food Technology as some adjustments may have to be made.