Road Safety Message re Crossing Patrol

Please see the message below from the Road Safety Team at the Civic Centre in relation to safety issues in close proximity our newly implemented crossing patrol:
I am writing to confirm that a new School Crossing Patrol (Lollipop Lady) has been appointed and in post on Christon Road at the junction of Alwinton Terrace for the last week.
She is called Helen and has experience of working in schools as a lunchtime supervisor so is well used to dealing with children.
Helen is in place to support all pedestrians crossing at key times of day. She will be at the crossing from 8am until 9am and again from 2.55pm until 3.55pm.
We would like to request that parents do not to drive to the end of Alwinton Terrace and undertake a turn in the road next to the crossing as this is not only a pedestrian access but a cycle route and it has been observed that several parents are blocking pavements and cycle routes for pupils and other road users. With the increase of pedestrians at this point it is putting pedestrians at risk.
Thank you for your support with this matter.
Road Safety Team