Remote Access

From your PC at home you can gain access to your H drive and the S drive. Follow these simple steps to access at home documents you created and saved at school.

Web address:

You will be asked for your username and password. These are the same ones you use at school.

Remote Access (Stage 1)

This is what you will then see. Click on a folder to open that folder. Click on a document to open the document. If you want to work on your document and then upload it to your H drive you will need to save it to your own computer first.

When you have opened a folder if you want to go back to the parent folder click on the Back button.

Remote Access (Stage 2)

How to upload a document

After working on a document that you want to upload to your H drive you must save it first to your own computer. Then click on the Upload button.

Remote Access (Stage 3)

You are then invited to browse your computer to find the file you wish to upload.

Remote Access (Stage 4)

Once you have found the file click OK.

You have now successfully uploaded your work to the school H drive.

You can also download work from the S drive in this way but you can only save work to the Student Work Hand In folder and the Student Group Work folder.