Useful Websites to Support Learning in Geography

The following websites can be used to support pupils when completing homework tasks, or for wider learning in Geography: and – Google Maps and Earth – Excellent for reinforcing a sense of place with young people and for inproving world knowledge (Google Earth requires a download) – BBC Bitesize KS3 Geography – contains information on some of the topics covered in KS3 and is useful for revision at the end of units. – Crickweb KS2 Geography – a selection of activities to help to support some of the subject covered in Year 5 and 6, such as coastal landforms. – National Geographic for Kids – An excellent website with a wealth or videos, articles and activities which are peferct for wider reading in geography. – Ordnance Survey Mapzone – An useful website for revising map skills including symbols and grid references. Geogames – A selection of fun games and activities, useful for revising key words and concepts in geography.

Useful Books and Revision Guides

Using Maps, Globes and Atlases (either paper or digital) at home helps children to reinforce place work studied in school and helps to improve their local and global geography. This is especially useful in Key Stage 3, where we study the continents of Africa and Antarctica, and look at towns and cities in the UK.

Specific Equipment for Learning Geography

Although no specific equipment is needed for geography, a 30cm ruler is always useful for drawing diagrams and measuring distances on maps.