Parent Council

The purpose of parent council is to:-

  1. give parents a voice and increase their active involvement in decision making and to
  2. develop a partnership between the school and parents/carers in order to support and promote the pupils learning.

The parent council is a consultative & advisory body, representing parents, run by parents with the support of the school. The parent council is made up of representatives of parents from each class, a representative of the senior management team, a parent governor and a representative of the PTA.

There are many potential benefits of having  a parent council which include

  1. for children: children behave better and achieve more when parents are involved with their child’s education, and concerns can be resolved more quickly
  2. for parents: influencing school decisions, accessing support from school and each other, breaking down barriers
  3. for staff/school: improving communication and breaking down barriers, satisfying requirements of the education and Inspection Act (2006), harnessing parental skills and expertise, better understanding parents views specially those who are less engaged

On this webpage you will find the current list of class reps, letters from parent council and minutes.

Class Class Rep  
5A Michelle Jones

(and Anna Gray – 6D and Susie Das – 7D)

5B Ezz Maya
5D       Contact other Year 5 reps
5W Rachel Megoran

John Schoneboom

6A       Contact other Year 6 reps
6B       Contact other Year 6 reps
6D Anna Gray

Amanda Jamieson

6W Fiona Hurrell
7A Carmen Rook

Jacqui Moran

7B      Contact other Year 7 reps
7D Susie Das  


7W Sarah Thomas

(and Biddy Casselden – 8A and Rachel Megoran – 5W)

8A Biddy Casselden
8B Amanda Jamieson
8D Frauke Buerk

Paula Wright

8W Nikki Rousseau

Previous Meeting Minutes:

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