Key Message from Northumbria Police

Please find attached the key messages from Northumbria Police Assistant Chief Constable Darren Best following the attack in Manchester.
The messages below are being disseminated across all communities in the Northumbria Police force area. These messages are NOT confidential and are free to be published or circulated as you wish.  
For members of the public:
We know our communities will be concerned following the tragic events in Manchester overnight which has seen 22 people killed and many more injured.
The incident is being treated as terrorism by Greater Manchester Police.
The national threat level currently remains at ‘severe’ and there is nothing to suggest there is any specific threat to our communities in Northumbria.
Extra patrols will be on patrol, including armed officers, in high footfalls areas such as the city centres and around transport hubs as they have done since last year. Members of the public should not be concerned about the patrols, they are not in response to any specific threat but are there to reassure members of the public of the security measures we have in place to help protect them and keep them safe.
Neighbourhood officers and community engagement teams throughout the force will be speaking to local community groups to offer reassurance. We will be holding a meeting with local authorities and emergency services, this afternoon, chaired by Assistant Chief Constable Darren Best,   so that we can respond to the events in Manchester and provide an effective response for upcoming events in our own area.
Members of the public are reminded to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to police or by calling the Anti-Hotline on 0800 789 321 or visit
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