Gosforth Central Middle School Pupils

CLEAR school values

Our school values of Caring, Learning, Enjoying, Achieving & Respecting are embedded in all that we do & achieve at Gosforth Central Middle School, and they underpin our entire ethos.

Our school motto, ‘Building on Success’, is exactly what we strive to achieve whilst offering a varied, caring and stimulating environment for pupils aged 9 to 13 years old.

Our school family is a community which is organised in such a way that it cares for and supports all its members. To do this effectively there have to be codes of behaviour and attitudes which all are encouraged to follow because in doing so we all benefit. Developing self-discipline is the eventual aim but children do need firm and fair guidance to achieve this.

Children are encouraged to produce their best in all aspects of school life and every opportunity is taken to praise effort and achievement. We expect high standards of courtesy, honesty and endeavour. Misbehaviour or poor work habits will not be accepted. Children failing to follow the school code may be deprived of privileges, may be required to work during break-times or be reported to their year tutor. In situations where problems are of a continuing or more serious nature the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher would become involved and parents informed. School rules are kept to a minimum compatible with the welfare and care of children and the organisation of the school. The most important aspects of the school code are as follows:

  • We should all try to treat one another as we would wish to be treated in return.
  • Courtesy, respect and helpfulness are expected and appreciated.
  • We all share the responsibility for our environment and must take care of it.
  • Everyone should arrive at school and the start of each lesson promptly, and properly equipped.
  • Working and learning together needs everyone to play his or her part.
  • Take a pride in your own success and enjoy the achievements of others.
  • Always think before you act to ensure your own safety and that of others.