Bicycle & Scooter Storage at GCMS

Between 10-11pm last Wednesday, a bicycle and several scooters belonging to our pupils were stolen from the school bike shed, despite all of the school gates being locked.

Please could we remind parents and pupils that a condition of your child having a cycle pass is that they have a lock/chain to secure their bike/scooter to the railings within the bike shed every day, and that both lock and bike/scooter are removed from the bike shed at the end of each day. All items left in the bike shed are done so at the owners risk.

At the end of the school day on Monday 2nd July 2018, any locks that are attached to the railings without being attached to a bike/scooter will be physically removed by the Site Manager.

Going forward, in addition to the main school gates being locked, the bike shed itself will be locked at 5:30pm every night after all of the after school activity sessions have ended. If you child is in attendance at the After School Club and they have a bike/scooter in the bike shed, they must collect their item before the bike shed is locked.

We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.