At GCMS we provide opportunities for students to:

  • Engage with religious and spiritual beliefs and practices in an open and informed manner.
  • Learn about a variety of religions: specifically the main world faiths. In particular we focus on beliefs and their applications to real life experiences and decisions.
  • Learn from religions by understanding that religions provide insights into how to interpret and respond to life experiences.
  • Develop a reflective approach to one’s own experiences, values and beliefs.
  • Understand religion in the context of a variety of worldviews.

We aim to introduce pupils to the challenging and varied nature of religion, and to the ways in which this is reflected in experience, belief and practice. This helps pupils to identify and explore questions about the meaning of life, and to consider such questions in relation to religious traditions.

Pupils will be encouraged to express their own reasoned views about the issues discussed, whilst developing respect and sensitivity towards others and their beliefs and values.