PSHCE & Deep Learning

Personal Social Health and Economic education (PSHEe) is a non-statutory subject. GCMS opts to include it in the curriculum for every pupil because we understand that high quality PSHEe provision prepares our pupils to be effective learners and for later life. Citizenship is also taught to children in years 7 and 8.

Our focus as we look at the different issues is on identifying risks and developing resilience. We explore how best to avoid bad choices and, more importantly, how to recover when poor choices are made.

All sessions are planned with a view to the pupils developing the essential skills of respectful discussion, negotiation and collaboration. Activities such as group discussion, role play, card sorts and hot seating of characters are used to support this.

Our programme of study is in line with the current national guidance for PSHEe and Sex and Relationships. It covers the key themes of: health and wellbeing; relationships; and living in the wider world. PSHEe is taught during two registration periods per week which enables form tutors to explore key pastoral issues they are experiencing with their class. Our lessons are enhanced by the contributions of the Newcastle School Nursing Team, along with a wide variety of guest speakers. Issues are approached sensitively with clear ground rules established to ensure that all pupils feel represented, safe and comfortable.

If you would like further information about PSHEe at GCMS or to look at the resources we use, please contact Miss McQuoid, Head of PSHEe & citizenship, through the school office on 0191 285 1793.

Our school nurse is also contactable on the school telephone number and holds sessions for students every Friday lunchtime..