Modern Foreign Languages

Languages are a key part of the curriculum at Gosforth Central Middle and all efforts are made to promote languages across the school.

In Key Stage 2 pupils study Spanish for 1 hour a week. We cover a range of topics and aim to produce confident and language loving linguists by the end of Year 6. We currently have a Spanish volunteer who comes once a week to do conversation sessions with the pupils.

In Key Stage 3 pupils study French for 2 or 3 hours a week. There is an increased focus on grammar and accuracy in preparation for their transition to GCSE work.

In addition, Language club runs weekly offering a range of language based activities and tasters in other languages such as German and Japanese. We also have Mandarin classes after school on a Wednesday.

In order to help your children to improve their language skills or to assist with homework the following links may be useful. Pupils have a usernames and passwords for the links. a fun site with many games to practice vocabulary an excellent site for learning and expanding vocabulary with games and challenges a site aiming to increase children’s knowledge through stories a self marking website which is particularly good for practising grammar articles, exercise and videos in French and Spanish

Our programme of study with our main termly aims is below. Please feel free to contact the school with any questions.

Overview of all years key outcomes