Geography at GCMS is taught to all pupils in Years 5 to 8. It supports the curriculum in both English and History, and pupils are encouraged to use skills learned in one subject and apply them in others. Pupils also use computing facilities and iPads to support learning.

Geography lessons seek to inspire pupils to have a sense of wonder about the world around them. Though a range of topics and case studies, pupils explore different places and learn about the physical and human characteristics that make each unique.

Project work and enquiry is an integral part of our Geography curriculum at GCMS. Pupils are encouraged to ask questions and pupils work supported and independently to seek out answers and present findings appropriately, which helps as they prepare for Year 9 and beyond.


In this Summer term, we are studying the following topics in Geography lessons:

Year 5 – Mapping and Journeys

Year 6 -  Coasts

Year 7 – Weather and Climate

Year 8 – Rainforests

We have also been enjoying the use of iPads in our lessons, and hope to use them a lot more this year – Last year, Year 7 produced some excellent City e-books using Book Creator!