All our children follow courses in: English, mathematics, science, art, geography, history, French, PE / games / dance, religious education, technology (incorporating art / craft & design / food & textiles / and ICT), drama, music, information technology (both as a separate subject and included within other subject areas), citizenship, personal, social and health education.

In all four years boys and girls have experience of art and crafts, including design, food and textiles, woodwork and pottery which are subsumed under the umbrella term ‘technology’. This also incorporates aspects of business studies and information technology. Our school is well equipped with a range of computers, some of which are located within a specialist ICT rooms whilst others are situated within classrooms or other specialist areas.

We believe 9 year olds benefit from spending time with a class teacher. It is a continuation of the situation with which they have become familiar whilst at their first schools and it enables each child to identify with, and become well known by, one teacher. In the Year 5, however, there is specialist teaching in subjects like music, PE and technology, and the opportunity to utilise the wide range of specialist facilities which our new building provides.