A Message from Northumbria Police

Please find below a message from Northumbria Police regarding the various reports of incidents which have allegedly taken place in the area over the last few weeks:

Message from Northumbria Police

We recognise people are concerned about recent posts on social media about white vans approaching school children in the area.

Officers have carried out an investigation and are now satisfied there is no immediate risk to any children from the reports in question.

The incident in Newburn is no longer believed to have taken place as reported after conversations with the families of the children who reported it.

There was one incident in Gosforth that is also being investigated but the van in question has been identified as belonging to local tradesmen.

We are satisfied that no attempted abduction has taken place and have spoken to the men in question.

Officers were concerned about a report that one of the men had allegedly grabbed the arm of a pupil but this is believed to have been a prank and is not being treated as an attempt to get children into the van.

We are still looking to establish if the conduct of the men amounts to a criminal offence and that investigation will continue in the coming weeks.

Any reports of this nature is bound to cause concern but extensive enquiries have been carried out and we do not believe there is a risk to children in the area.

If you do have any concerns about suspicious behaviour then please do contact police by calling 101.

Extra patrols will also be taking place at school start and leaving time so parents and pupils can speak to officers if they have any concerns.